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Gear Fit Not Going To Use Tizen Or Android

Gear Fit Not Going To Use Tizen Or Android

The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are coming with Tizen as their operating system, but what about the Gear Fit? The Fit won’t be using the same OS as the other Samsung wearables. The Fit will be using something called and RTOS.

RTOS stands for real-time operating system. This means that the OS can do processes specific to itself. This gets rid of any other background processes making the device slow. Since the device will be dealing health and wellness, there isn’t much of a need for multiple things going on at once. The importance of this OS is to extend battery power for a very long time. They are shooting for three to four days of battery power providing you with information about your health habits.

An issue with this is that third-party developers can’t make apps for the device to use because an SDK will not be released. Since this isn’t really a smartwatch, doing the normal processes that the Gear 2 does, it doesn’t need the firepower for these apps. As long as the intended buyers are happy with it’s performance, there doesn’t need anything special to go along with it. 

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