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Nintendo Won’t Be Attending PAX East 2014

Nintendo Won’t Be Attending PAX East 2014

With its toned-down presence at E3 2013, Nintendo decided to take a more focused approach when it comes to showing off their platform and games. Still, it helps to have some presence at other smaller venues, when the fans would be better able to give the latest games a shot.

Although the company has plans to provide various opportunities for the fans to get some hands-on time with their products, Nintendo has decided that PAX East 2014 will not be one of them. A spokesperson from Nintendo spoke to Polygon to confirm their absence, and also mentions that those interested should “Keep an eye on our social media pages for more information about where we’ll be and what you can play.” Development partner Sega has confirmed its absence as well, with their spokesperson stating that Segaa will be attending PAX Prime.

Nintendo has used other methods of exhibition, like the Nintendo Direct, for fan interaction. In the end, though, it can’t compare to the exposure events like PAX and E3 provide, which may give those who haven’t already a reason to buy a Wii U. Hopefully, this won’t be an error on Nintendo’s part. Any presence is better than no presence.

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