If you’re on Republic Wireless, chances are you’re holding a Moto X. If you aren’t yet on the small network and you’re looking to join, you’ve probably got your eyes on the X. Luckily for you, MotoMaker will be available on the network starting tomorrow. 

This applies to new customers joining the service as well as current customers who own the Moto X as they will be able to upgrade to a wooden backed version free of charge so long as they are within the first 2,000 to sign up. Given the fact that Republic isn’t a large carrier, it shouldn’t be too hard to get on that list.

Unfortunately however, this new customization options come at a price. To get a custom Moto X through MotoMaker on Republic you’ll have to hand over an extra $50 over the black/white models which are $299.

If you are a current customer and want that free wood refinishing sign up at the link below starting at 11am EST on Tuesday April 1st. Let’s just hope this isn’t an April Fools joke ;-P

Sign up here

Via: Android Police

Source: Republic Wireless