One downside of using Stock Android over an OEM skin has been the nothing more than terrible camera app. While the interface pleased those who like minimalist design, it didn’t please many others. It’s been rumored in the past that Google would improve the camera app, and it’s looking like those changes might come in Android 4.4.3. 

This new refresh is expected to bring an improved interface and refinements to the Panorama and PhotoSphere features. This update will also open up the camera app to developers by allowing support for third party filters.

This update is expected to come in Android 4.4.3 but will also be available through Google Play so users can enjoy it even sooner. It was only a matter of time before this camera app hit the Play Store as several other core system apps have hit Google Play for use on other devices. Are you excited to see these improvements to the stock Android camera app?

Via: AndroidMeter, Engadget