We’ve all been waiting in anticipation of the next iteration of Google’s Nexus 10 tablet, but we haven’t been given what so many have wanted. The current Nexus 10 has dropped in and out of stock on Google Play over the past few months, but today we are seeing something we haven’t ever seen before, “coming soon”.

This could mean two things.

  1. Google is preparing to launch a new Nexus 10 soon.
  2. This is the worst April Fools joke ever.

Prices are still the same and so are the images in place (although they were recently updated to reflect KitKat). Specifications listed also remain the same.

We are still expecting Google to release a new version of the popular large tablet, and hopefully we will see just that in the near future. Given Google’s history of April Fools jokes though, we aren’t relying on anything…


Source: Google Play

Via: Droid Life