If you’ve ever experienced the terrifiying moment of having your smartphone stolen, than you’ll know how valuable the “Find My iPhone” app can be. It’s a useful tool that can help you to track down you’re stolen device. Unfortunately however, a bug in iOS 7.1 leaves that extraordinary feature practically worthless.

Before this bug was uncovered, disabling “Find My iPhone” required users to enter their Apple ID password. Now thanks to YouTube user Miguel Alvarado, there’s a pretty easy way to disable “Find My iPhone” and then delete iCloud accounts and restoring devices.

The process (seen in the video below) is actually rather simple. All you need to do is hit the “delete account” button and the Find My iPhone switch at the same time. As soon as the password prompt comes up, restart the device and you’ll be able to go into iCloud settings and do whatever you want.

Don’t be scared though, we’re sure since this bug has been uncovered Apple is working on a fix. Until then, use a passcode if you aren’t already.

Via: Gizmodo