One of the most confusing parts of the Windows 8 ecosystem is the fact that Microsoft opted to remove the familiar Start button in favor of the Metro UI Start Screen. This confuses many users who upgraded from Windows 7 or XP. Luckily though, Microsoft has finally decided to bring back the Start Menu. 

The Start Menu has been something that users of touch screen devices might not have missed, but that traditional mouse and keyboard users have begged for since the OS came out. The Start Menu doesn’t come without alteration though. In this redesigned version we see a similar design to the one seen in Windows 7 but with a flatter look. Also to the right side we have a mini Live Tiles menu. 

Microsoft hasn’t given any information on when this update will be available other than that it is coming soon. Are you glad to finally have the start menu back? Let us know in the comments.

Via: ArsTechnica