Glu Will Be Discontinuing Support For GameSpy Multi-player Servers

This isn’t the first time that GameSpy Technology owner Glu Mobile has pulled away from supporting its multiplayer service. Back in December 2012, Glu shut down some older game servers that were costing too much to maintain. More recently, Glu also stopped offering its GameSpy software for licensing back in January.

Now, the company has announced that it will be shutting down its remaining servers on May 31st. Unfortunately, it will be up to the publishers and developers who used GameSpy to decide whether or not to try to migrate support to keep the servers running.

                           These are just some of the 800+ publishers and developers that have used GameSpy

                           These are just some of the 800+ publishers and developers that have used GameSpy

Some have already seen this coming and have taken steps to fix this. Nintendo is one of those companies, which would explain why Nintendo is stopping on-line support for the DS line and for the Wii. Others companies, like Epic, Iron Galaxy, and Rockstar have already confirmed that they have been in the process of migrating service and will be unaffected by this shutdown.

Bohemia Interactive, the makers of the Arma series, is dependent on these multi-player features. CEO Marek Spanel posted on the company forums that they are working on Steam integration for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3. However, their other titles “will have more limited multi-player experience with loss of server browser, CD key authentication, and NAT traversal systems.”

It looks like the effect of GameSpy shutting down will be minimal overall, but it serves as a stark reminder for on-line games. The game may still function, but sometimes, the servers can just disappear.




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