One major flaw with the Chromecast and YouTube combination is that YouTube hasn’t allowed users to cast two things. Private videos and live streams. This made for an unpleasant experience when trying to watch your favorite Hangout On Air or the video your sister sent you through a private video. Now YouTube has finally enabled those two features on the Chromecast.

First off we will talk about YouTube live streams. For the longest time we haven’t been able to watch them on our TV but now YouTube is allowing it. Unfortunately this is limited to the desktop right now as mobile apps will need to be updated to enable the functionality.

Another welcome addition is the ability to play private videos on the Chromecast. Some people like to store their videos from vacations or videos with their family on YouTube, but they don’t necessarily want the whole world to see them. In the past these users were confined to watching those private videos on their computers or mobile devices, and couldn’t use their TV. Now they can as YouTube has also quietly enabled that feature. This one appears to work from both the desktop and mobile environments. 

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Via: Android Police