The phone of the future, also known as Project Ara, is getting closer and closer to reality. Now the team behind the project has released the MDK, or Module Developer Kit, for Project Ara. Inside there is everything someone might need to know to make modules for an Ara device. There are a full 81 pages showing everything from measurements to power consumption to examples and more. While it’s awesome for the regular tech enthusiasts, it’s also extremely detailed for designers and developers. The guide also mentions three different types of Ara phones. 

Hello, World!

They have already mentioned that they are planning a small and medium model available at launch, with a larger model available at a later date. As for the number of modules in each phone, that will be limited by it’s size. Some models will be able to house a few modules but only those of 1×1 and 1×2 sizes. Other will be able to house 2×2 modules along with 1×1 and 1×2. 

There is a conference next week for designers that should show even more about the project and most likely even some working units.

Via: DroidLife