In yet another announcement, T-Mobile is breaking down what we used to think of carriers and this time they are offering customers LTE enabled iPads at the price of a WiFi only version. A WiFi only iPad Air costs $499 while an LTE enabled version costs $629. With this T-Mobile promotion you’ll be able to get the LTE variant for the same price as the WiFi version. This deal applies for all LTE iPads on their network.

Along with what is already an amazing deal, customers who take advantage of that deal get 1GB of free data every month for the rest of 2014 and then after 2014, those same customers can get that same 1GB of data for only $10 per month. 

Existing customers can also take advantage of this deal through a $10 monthly credit. T-Mobile even offers trade-ins for non-LTE tablets if they are interested in using this package. 

Via: 9to5Mac

Source: T-Mobile