It’s been a while since the last update for the Nexus 5 as it’s been on 4.4.2 for the past few months. Rumors have been going around for a few weeks now regarding the next update, 4.4.3, and now it seems like it’s here.

According to Sprint, the Nexus 5’s latest update is rolling out now. While no version number was included, we can assume that this update is version 4.4.3. The build number is KTU48F and it’s expected to not only hit Nexus 5s on Sprint, but all Nexus 5s as they all share the same SKU. 

If you are on Sprint however, this update does enable Sprint’s faster LTE speeds through “Sprint Spark”. It does so by enabling bands 26 and 41 which are used for the service. Let’s just hope it doesn’t enable that annoying Spark icon at the same time.

Sprint’s changelog also mentions “misc Android updates”. Google has yet to release anything official on the update.


Source: Sprint

Via: Android Central