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LG G3 Packaging Leaked With Possible Gold Color Choice

LG G3 Packaging Leaked With Possible Gold Color Choice

Recently the new phone of topic has become the LG G3. With the phone supposed to come out early this summer, we should be expecting to see some new leaks to go along with it. This is just what we wanted to see, too. We were hoping for something that gives a little clue of new options for the G3 as well as a confirmed branding.

Well with these new pictures, we got both. 

The box shows us what the branding for the G3 will be and gives us confirmation that it will follow up on the similar form of the G2. Now, the box is gold and recently we have been spotting many a phone with gold color choices for their designs. These two facts could both point out the possibility of us getting a new gold color option for the G series. Hopefully on this device, it will actually look pretty good.

Unfortunately, we will just have to wait a little longer to see the physical phone itself.

These pictures were supplied to Android Authority by a trusted source and they claim that the people behind the leak know a substantial amount about LG and their doings.

If you don’t know the rumored specifications just yet, here is a refresher:

  • 5.5 Inch Quad HD Display
  • Snapdragon 805 Processor
  • 3GB RAM

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