CEO Of Yahoo Trying To Convince Apple To Make Yahoo The Default Search Engine

Since the beginning of the iPhone and iPad, Google has been the huge search engine we all know and love. But the thing is that recently Yahoo wants to push Google out of Apple’s line of sight. Yahoo is a huge factor in Apple, powering their maps and weather. Does Apple think this is a good idea? Will this help Apple gain more ground?

Jony Ive heads software development on iOS and is pretty close to Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo. Since Jony has a lot of say in software, and recently Mayer has made some convincing arguments in Apple’s eyes, this may be a turning point for Apple. Though this turning point isn’t necessarily a positive one.

Replacing Google as a default browser would mean taking away Google from iOS (well searching, at least). Also, Google is a major player with interesting integrations going on everyday. Let’s hope that Marissa Mayer isn’t too convincing.

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