Samsung was originally started in 1938 as a grocery manufacturer and in 1969, they made a decision that would shape the company’s future forever. That year Samsung changed directions by beginning to manufacture electronic goods starting with a black-and-white television. That was 45 years ago, and today, Samsung is opening up a new museum to look back at the majors innovations in technology over the past few decades. 

Of course no one can do something like this without focusing on themselves just a little bit and this museum definitely does focus on Samsung innovations. At the same time however, the museum shows off products from rival companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony and yes, even Apple. The Apple II has a spotlight as being the “first home computer” as you see in the picture below. 

Photo Credit: The Verge

Photo Credit: The Verge

Some of the permanent displays are shown off on Samsung’s website and they are broken up into a few categories. 1F is for Samsung’s own history and shows how they got to where they are today along with the many products that they’ve released. 2F shows off where Samsung is today which is appropriately named the “Era Of Creation”. This section includes presentations and displays on Samsung’s more recent history and a display with many of their products available for visitors to use. 

3F is the next section and is called the “Era Of Corporate”. This section includes innovations in display technology, mobile technology, and an entire section dedicated to the semiconductor. The final area, 5F, is called “Inventor of the Times” and looks back on three different major areas of technology innovation. These include electricity, lighting, and communication. 

This leads me to ask, what would you put in an “Innovation Museum”? Let us know in the comments what devices or inventions you would be in this museum if you owned it.