Apple & Samsung have been at the top of smartphone market share for quite a while now, and nothing is changing. However over last year, both companies lost market share to Lenovo and other OEMs. 

Apple dipped from 17.5% (Q1 2013) to 15.3% in this past quarter. While it’s not a significant change, it does mean that Apple is losing it’s share to other OEMs. Unlike popular belief however, they aren’t losing that market share to Samsung.

Samsung has grown tremendously over the past few years not only growing past all other Android OEMs, but Apple as well. They have not lost any market share in the past 4 years, this time they have. In Q1 of 2013, Samsung had 32.4% of the global smartphone market share but now they only have 31.2% according to the latest statistics.

In that same report, Huawei remained at 4.7% while Lenovo grew from 3.9% to 4.7%.  Other OEMs includes that of LG, HTC and more who all experienced minor growth. 

Samsung isn’t leaving that top spoty anytime soon, but it’s great to see that other OEMs are growing, even if it is minor.

Via: PhoneArena, WSJ