Back in February, Google released a list of 34 cities that they wanted to add to the exclusive Google Fiber “club”. These cities included that of Atlanta, Portland, San Antonio and many more. One city on that list was Charlotte NC. 

Earlier this week, the city announced that they would be allowing Google to bring their gigabit internet to the area. 31 different sites were laid out for “fiber huts” which Google uses to help bring the high speed internet to customers. Fiber would only be available within Charlotte’s city limits. 

Charlotte is submitting the formal request to Google stating that they do indeed want to have the service in the area. The request will be submitted by May 1st and Google will decide which city to bring the service to by the end of the year. Currently Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham are also in the running.


Via: Charlotte Observer