Last week Acer announced a new Chromebook that blew many enthusiasts away. Generally Chromebooks are low spec devices powered by Intel Celeron or ARM processors. Rarely are they powered by anything more, and when they are, they aren’t cheap by any means. Acer is looking to change that and they’ve definitely done the job by introducing an Intel Core i3 powered Chromebook. But what will all that extra power cost us?

According to a new report, this device will cost only $349, a mere $150 more than the standard Acer C720. This is also only $50 more than the Acer C720P (touch screen variants). The same report also makes mention that Acer will introduce up to 3 new Chromebook models during 2014.

Would you be willing to spend $349 to get this device? Let us know in the comments.

Via: OMGChrome