The HTC One M8 is known for it’s all metal construction, and many people love it for that, but sometimes aluminum isn’t enough. So how about 24-carat gold? A UK company known as Goldgenie has been making gold-plated smartphones such as the iPhone 5S and HTC One for a while now, but now they have started with the HTC One M8.

If you’re willing to give up $2,684 (£1580) a 24-carat gold plated HTC One M8 can be yours. Still not for you? Well you’ve got a couple more options. You could go for the rose gold option which runs about $2,826 (£1,664) or even the platinum version which runs $2,967 (£1,747).

Happily the cost of the device is included with those prices. However if you already have an HTC One M8 that you’d like gold-plated, it’ll only cost $1,698 (£1,000).

Via: GSMArena