We’ve all heard the rumors of the expected Nexus 8 tablet from Google, but recent stories about the Nexus brand going away have led many to believe that we won’t see that come at all. However some new evidence is pointing to a brand new Nexus device that is expected to be the Nexus 8 or a new Nexus 10.

The Chromium Issue Tracker is the source of this new info and reveals that this unknown Nexus device will be codenamed “flounder”. This name points to a new tablet since Google uses fish names for their devices (Nexus 5 = Hammerhead, Nexus 10 = Manta, 2012 Nexus 7 = Grouper).

The build number seen in the logs reveals that it is running software created on May 6th. That means that the software on this device is brand new and that the tablet is far into the development process.

Can you think of anything else this device might be? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Chrome Issue Tracker