Kit Kat Update For Verizon Galaxy Note 3 – Available Through Kies Or Upgrade Assistant

If you own a Galaxy Note 3 and have been wanting a new update to come, the moment has finally come. A new update has been released for the Galaxy Note 3 on Android Kit Kat 4.4.

How do you get it? It’s pretty simple:

Using Kies

  1. Plug in your device
  2. A prompt should pop up to install the update
  3. Follow further instruction provided by the software

Using Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant

  1. Plug in your device
  2. Access the SUA from either Finder (for Mac) or File Explorer (for Windows)
  3. Find the rest of the instructions here.

Unfortunately, right now if you do not have a computer, you won’t be able to update your Note 3 just yet. Since the update isn’t official from Verizon, it isn’t over-the-air. It may be a couple days before that actually happens.

For whenever you do get the update, please enjoy it and tell us how it is in the comments.

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