Nexus devices don’t always get the accessory love they deserve from their manufacturer, but it looks like Google is trying to change that streak with the current Nexus 5. It’s had accessories from day one and more have been added since. Just yesterday however, the company introduced another new one.

The all new Nexus 5 Snap Case, is “a lightweight, durable case for your Nexus 5.” It’s also available in 5 different styles including black, aqua, silver, white, and clear. The case covers the back and sides of the device while leaving the bottom and top exposed. While this probably isn’t the best option for protection, it is great for that added little bit of protection while not sacrificing weight or thinness. However like other Nexus accessories, these cases aren’t cheap. Each one will run you $29.99 in the Google Play store. After taxes and shipping you’re looking at about $36 in total depending on where you live and what your tax and shipping rates are.


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