The world of smartphones is constantly changing, and it takes a lot to come up with something new. However Google’s latest patent looks to the future and sees it as a smartphone that powers your laptop. Now to be confused with ASUS’s Padfone or Motorola’s Atrix Lapdock, this concept could actually power the future of not only Android, but also Chrome OS. 

Of course it’s all speculation as neither OS was mentioned in the patent, but it’s not hard to see that Google was thinking of this in the patent. The patent describes a laptop with a built in smartphone that can be detached for use as a typical smartphone. The idea behind it is that the laptop can borrow the smartphones cellular radios for internet access as well as a microphone and speaker for calls. The laptop even has an amplifier for the smartphone’s speaker for audio.

What are your thoughts on this recent concept? What would it need to do for you to buy it?


Via: Android Police