Motorola today hosted a Q&A hangout through Google+ all about the Moto E in which they announced some new details. While we already knew the specs, features, and more, there were a few questions that potential buyers had on the device.

  • What Updates Will The Moto E Recieve?
    • “The Moto E will be updated to the next major version of Android (i.e. Android 4.5, 5.0) with possible incremental updates (i.e. 4.4.3)”.
  • Will I Be Able To Store Apps On The SD Card?
    • Since the Moto E only has 4GB of internal storage, space is a concern for users. While it does have an SD card slot, the version of Android the device runs doesn’t allow app to be stored on the SD card. Luckily though Motorola has enabled users to store applications on the SD card on the Moto E.
  • What Carriers Will The Device Be Available On In The US?
    • The Moto E does work on GSM carriers in the US (i.e. AT&T and T-Mobile) when purchased unlocked. However Motorola did state that a CDMA variant of the device was in the works. They did not specify which carriers would receive that variant but it’s likely that it will hit Verizon pre-paid at the least.

Source: Motorola