Chrome OS is automatically associated with Chromebooks, but they aren’t the only place you’ll find the operating system. You can also get Chrome OS All-in-ones (LG Chromebase) and what is called a Chromebox. The Chromebox is a small device that looks very similar to Apple’s Mac Mini, but instead runs Chrome OS. Since these devices only ship with the device itself and a power supply, they are able to sell for even less than a Chromebook.

ASUS was the first to bring a low-cost Chromebox coming in at only $179, but now HP is competing directly with them. Their Chromebox comes in at the same base price point with a few other options to choose from. Starting with the base model, priced at $179, you get 2GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD for storage, and an Intel Haswell Celeron chipset. The device were announced a while back but now they are finally available for purchase directly from HP. The links below go to the appropriate purchase page for that model.

Shipping dates are currently estimated as May 30th. Are you going to buy one?


Source: +Brent Sullivan