Google’s self-driving car project is one of the more ambitious projects going on right now and so far the company has had great success. But they aren’t anywhere near done yet. The company is now imagining a future where you don’t have to do anything at all to drive your car, in fact, you won’t even really have the choice. 

In a new prototype, Google has made a self driving car that doesn’t require any human intervention whatsoever to drive. These cars don’t have a steering wheel, a brake pedal, or even the gas pedal. Why? Because you don’t really need them. Google’s sensors and software do all the work for you. These cars just need to be told where to go and they do the rest.

These cars are still in their early stages, but they are designed to be very simple and to get the job done. Since these prototypes are just for experimenting, they aren’t the most comfortable cars, and just have two seats (and two seatbelts) along with some extra space for a person’s belongings. Now of course this wouldn’t be Google without some screens and buttons, so there’s plenty of that too. The car has the start and stop button, a large touch screen to input and display the route, and that’s just about it. Google is planning to make about 100 of these prototypes that will be tested in California. 

Source: Google Blog