iOS 8 Now Supports Third Party Keyboards – SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy Already On Board

Yesterday during WWDC 2014, Apple announced iOS 8 which brought along, not a new visual overhaul, but instead many under-the-hood changes that made it the biggest iOS 8 release yet. One of the surprise announcements during the announcement was that iOS 8 would open up support for third party keyboard apps that could update through the App Store. This allows iOS users to enjoy great keyboards like SwiftKey and Swype which have been on Android for years. The best part is, a few of the most popular Android keyboards have already confirmed that they are working on bringing their keyboards to iOS.

SwiftKey has been on of the top apps on the Google Play Store for quite a while now and has a large user base on the OS. They are one of the developers that have already announced that they are working on bringing their app to iOS. They made the following statement regarding the news.

“We’re delighted Apple has decided to embrace the importance of opening its platform to third party keyboards. For more than four years, SwiftKey and our millions of users have pioneered faster, easier typing on touchscreens, leading the industry with next-word prediction and smarter autocorrection. Our technology features on more than 200 million devices to date and we can’t wait to reach more. We first brought a taste of our technology to iOS in January this year with the launch of the free note-taking app SwiftKey Note. Are we going to build SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8? Of course we are. We’ve already started.”

But they aren’t the only ones. Popular keyboards such as Swype and Fleksy have also announced that they are working on bringing their keyboards to iOS 8. It’s not a surprise that Fleksy is taking advantage of this as they had already discovered a way to install their keyboard on iOS 7, but not in the same way. Swype has also stated that they “can’t wait” to have their keyboard on iOS. 

Do you have a favorite Android keyboard that you would like to see come to iOS?

Via: PhoneArena

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