Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaks In New Photo – Update – Video Added

Last year the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the first device ever to turn into a Google Play Edition device. That was soon followed by devices like the HTC One (M7), LG G Pad 8.3, and even the Moto G. This year we’ve even seen the release of the Google Play Edition HTC One M8, but Samsung hasn’t released their flagship to Google Play yet.

Late in April, an image of the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 popped up on Google Play for a couple hours, but was then removed and replaced with the previous Google Play Edition Galaxy S4. Since then we haven’t heard anything new about the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5, until tonight. Thanks to TKTechNews, we now have a new image of what appears to be the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5. He clearly states in his tweet that this is indeed the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 emphasized by the fact that the device shows the Google logo upon booting up.

If the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 does indeed release soon, it will be interesting to see if hardware features added by Samsung such as the heart rate monitor and fingerprint sensor will still function on the stock-Android device. It’s obvious that the phone will retain it’s IP67 water & dust resistance as we can see the open charging port cover at the bottom of the device.

Since originally published this article TKTechNews has uploaded a short video showing off the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition yet again.

Source: TKTechNews

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