In an effort to assist developers, Google usually releases the latest distribution numbers to help developers understand what versions they should focus on. Usually changes are minor from month to month, but every once in a while we see a version see a big drop or gain, and this month we have both.

KitKat, the latest version, is now sitting at 13.5% of the Android ecosystem, a gain of over 5% in 30 days. While it’s not the biggest growth, it is good to see that more OEMs are working to bring KitKat to their devices. On the other hand Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich both saw decreases, likely due to KitKat’s growth, and one version was eliminated completely.

Android 3.0 was released in early 2011 specifically designed for tablets. It was also a stepping stone on the way to the designs seen since Ice Cream Sandwich. No matter how big the update may have been, it never saw mass adoption. However for the past couple years it has remained on devices, but now we can finally see that it is gone. For the first time since it’s release, Honeycomb no longer takes a part of Android distribution.

Source: Android Developers