VLC Soon Adding Chromecast Support To Their iOS, Android, And Desktop Apps

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If you’ve ever run into the problem of not being able to play a video on your device because it’s format wasn’t compatible, chances are the solution was VLC Media Player. The open-source app is used by many people and well-known thanks to it’s ability to play just about any video file you can throw at it. Now the developers behind the app are announcing that they are actively working on bringing Chromecast support to not only their iOS and Android apps, but even the desktop. 

Chromecast support won’t be coming all at once, but rather in stages. iOS should receive an update with Chromecast support sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. The Android update should follow behind the iOS update but no time frame has been given as of yet. Lastly the team will bring Chromecast support to the desktop program for Windows, Mac, and even Linux but it will take much longer “because it’s harder”.

Via: OMGChrome

Source: VLC