Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy Tab S Line – 8.4″ Inch And 10.5″ Inch Super AMOLED Screens

After plenty of leaks, Samsung has finally announced their Samsung Galaxy S Line of tablets. These tablets are very similar to their other Galaxy tablets, however they bring AMOLED screens to the form factor for the first time. They also include some new features such as remote desktop apps, “sidesync” for pairing with your phone, and magazine and TV applications as well. 

On the outside the tablets actually look a lot like the Galaxy S5 with their dimpled backs. However it’s obvious that the primary focus on this tablet is the SuperAMOLED screen which is seen on almost all of their smartphones. Samsung has brought features such as adaptive display and more from the Galaxy S5 screen to make the screen even better. The company even took a hard hit at LG stating that “it’s not about pixel quantity, but pixel quality”.

Samsung claims that these are “simply the best” tablets they’ve ever shipped. They are also thinner and lighter than previous tablets from the Korean manufacturer.

The 8″ inch tablet costs only $399 while the 10.5″ inch model comes in at $499. Both will be available in the US this July. LTE models will come later on.

Oh, and it has a fingerprint scanner… So there’s that…

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