Supposed Moto 360 Pricing Shows Up, Just What We Thought

The website Mobile Fun has written an article today claiming that they know the pricing of the Moto 360. The site claims that the UK pricing of the watch will be £199, that converts to about $300 which is about what we thought it was going to cost. Although, upon further investigation of the article you can see that there is no source to be found, we are just supposed to believe what they say based on trust. What we are trying to say is take this pricing of the Moto 360 with a grain of salt.

We have seen leaked pricing for the Moto 360 in the past and they all point to a price around $300, we think this is true. The LG G Watch has had some recent leaked pricing and it point to just under $200 so it would make sense for the Moto 360 with it’s more sophisticated design and round display to cost about $75 – $100 more. Let us know in the comments section below if you think the $300 price tag for the Moto 360 is true.

Source | Mobile Fun 

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