iPad Air Dummy Model Allegedly Leaks With Touch ID – High Res Images

1 min read

Even though Apple’s next refresh of the iPad lineup isn’t expected for a few months, leaks still happen all the time. Today we are seeing some leaks of Apple’s new iteration of the full-size iPad dubbed in this leak, the iPad Air II. This dummy model obviously doesn’t work, but it does tell us a lot about what we are to see from the upcoming device.

At first glance it doesn’t look like anything has changed. However with a closer look, you see that quite a few things have changed. For instance the shape of the volume buttons has changed similar to what we are seeing in leaked iPhone 6 models. Also the iPad, for the first time, gets Touch ID in the home button, a feature first seen in the iPhone 5S. Along with that the stereo speakers along the bottom have also seen a slight redesign. More pictures of the device are seen below. Click any of them to enlarge them.

Source: Ortud