LG G Watch Leaks Out With Blue Wristband – Shows That Android Wear Requires An App On Your Phone

Google I/O isn’t long off and quite a lot of it is expected to focus on Android Wear. During the annual developer conference, LG is expected to release the G Watch which we’ve seen press renders of, leaks of the software, and even the full specs. However today the watch is shown in action and reveals a couple new details. First of all we see the watch for the first time with a blue wrist strap. LG has yet to announced that color so we will take it with a grain of salt.

Along with that we see on the screen of the G Watch a message telling the use to “Install Android Wear on your phone”. This means that Android Wear will require an app to be installed on your phone in order to work. This is as expected as there has to be a way to get information to the phone. Also for the first time we see a MicroUSB cable plugged into the watch. This is actually surprising as the watch is supposed to charge via pins on the underneath. More is expected about this at the watch’s launch.

Source: Imgur

Via: PhoneArena

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