Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega Receiving Android 4.4.2 Today

Yesterday Sprint rolled out an update to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that added the ability to make Wi-Fi calls, next in line for an update on Sprint is the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega. This update is much more significant than the update to the Galaxy S5 though, the update rolling out OTA to the S4 Mini and Mega today is an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. And from what we can see the changelog appears to be identical for both devices. 

The update to KitKat for the S4 Mini and Mega is definitely a significant one that will add all of the awesome features and enhancements of KitKat. Enhancements will include the regular KitKat goodies, white notification icons, more control from the lockscreen, and much more emoji. If this sounds appealing to you (it totally should) then be sure to mash that update button and see if it’s available for your device yet. 

Sources | Samsung (S4 Mini) , Samsung (Mega)

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