Amazon Giving Developers 500k Coins For Bringing Their Apps To Fire Phone

Amazon is really trying to get their new Fire phone to be a success and it appears that the first thing they are doing is attempting to get some apps working on the Fire Phone. This morning on Amazon’s developer website they let their developers know that if they optimize their apps for the Fire Phone they will receive 500,000 Amazon Coins. Amazon has said that qualifying apps optimized for the Fire Phone will earn the developer 500,000 Amazon Coins to Distribute to their consumers through promotions. 

This may not seem like a huge deal but if you do the math those 500,000 Amazon coins are worth about $5000. Developers can qualify three of their apps, that means that if you optimize three of your apps for the Fire Phone and they meet the qualifications then you will get 500,000 Amazon Coins three times, that’s a lot of coinage. 

If you happen to be an Amazon developer and have some apps that you are thinking of bringing to the Fire Phone then follow the source link below to get all of the information you need. 

Source | Amazon Developer Website 

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