Google Offering $150 To Anyone Who Purchased LTE Chromebook Pixel

After the strange debacle with Verizon, Google is offering a $150 refund to anyone who purchased the LTE Chromebook Pixel. Each LTE Chromebook Pixel was supposed to come with 2 years of free LTE data from Verizon (100mb a month), however Verizon decided that they no longer wanted to offer that anymore.

This $150 refund comes as a Visa gift card and can actually be used for anything, but if you choose to get data, you can get 2GB of data a month for 7 months and still have a few bucks left over. Google says their working on another solution as well with Verizon, but that probably won’t be too great. To get the refund, you’ll need to contact Google.


Source: Computerworld

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