Nexus 4, 10, And 7 (2012) Might Just See Android L – New Binaries Released

Android L has been the talk of the town lately and users of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) have been enjoying the developer preview. However Nexus 4, 10, and 7 (2012) have felt a little left out with their devices not receiving the preview. Luckily though it seems like these devices might just see Android L. Google technically only provides updates for 18 months after a release, which all of these devices are well past, but this might be an exception. Each of these devices has just received a binary update which means Google is working on something. It’s not confirmed that these devices will receive L, but it’s very likely. The new binaries were released on the 27th of this June.

Via: SlashGear

Source: +Vova Viner

Thanks Michael!

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