Korean Federal Trade Commission Says Google And Apple Must Change Their Refund Policies

While we constantly buy apps, we don’t always want to keep them. Both Google and Apple have automatic refund windows built in for that exact purpose. On Google Play, users can get a full refund for any app if they choose to within 15 minutes. After that, users need to contact Google in order to request a refund. On Apple’s side, users need to request a refund from the company no matter when the made the purchase. What is important about both of these policies is that an employee of the company actually processes the refund request.

However the Korean Fair Trade Commission has recently ruled that practice unfair. To adjust to this new ruling Apple and Google have both decided to implement automated refund systems for Korean markets. While Google has no plans to bring this new system to the rest of the world, Apple has said that they are considering bringing their new system worldwide. 

Via: 9to5Mac, 9to5Google

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