Congress Wants To Remove Useless FCC Labels From Our Electronics

Image Credit: Engadget

Image Credit: Engadget

If you’ve ever bought a cell phone, tablet, computer, mouse, fridge, or basically anything else that qualifies as consumer electronics, you may have noticed the small markings usually found on the back of those devices. Those are FCC labels meant to show trade regulations for that device. However for consumers, they are just ugly bits of writing on the back of their devices. Thankfully though, the FCC may be soon passing a bill that will remove those markings from our devices and instead add them digitally.

The bill is known as the E-Label Act and would allow manufacturers to stamp their required FCC information digitally rather than on the back or insides of these devices. The bill has support of both the FCC and manufacturers (and me too), but is having trouble making it through Congress. If this does pass, it’s not going to affect us for quite a while unfortunately.

Via: Android Police

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