Dell Chromebook 11 Variant Announced With Intel Core i3 Processor – Coming Later This Year

Dell’s Chromebook 11 has been a huge hit recently and things are about to get even better. The standard Dell Chromebook 11 is powered by an Intel Haswell processor backed by 2GB or 4GB of RAM, nothing we haven’t seen before. But this time we’re seeing one powered by an Intel Core i3 processor.

Acer took this approach recently as well when they released the Acer C720 powered by an Intel Core i3. Dell looks to come off the success of their current machine while directly competing with the latest from Acer. The design and specs are the same, just with the more powerful processor. Pricing hasn’t been announced but Dell is aiming to make the product available for sale sometime during the third quarter of this year. I’d put my bets on a late August/early September release date. There’s no information just yet on where the product will be available.

Via: Chrome Story

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