Did HTC Just Confirm A Smartwatch In Development?

Not long ago HTC posted a video showing off their design team behind the scenes. Sounds harmless enough right? It was for about two weeks, until someone took a closer look. Thanks to the very sharp eyes over at HTCSource, we now have a quick look at what appears to be HTC’s first smartwatch. Now this doesn’t appear to be their rumored Android Wear device since it has a different interface on it, but of course, this could be anything. The design looks similar to some recent leaks of what is supposed to be HTC’s Android Wear device. Bezels around the square screen appear to be very thin, especially when compared to current offerings from LG and Samsung.

This appears at the 0:35 second mark of the video (shown below) but it’s not the only time we see it. About 10 seconds later at the 0:46 second mark we see another person on his computer looking at a 3D render of what appears to be a small square display. While these looks don’t confirm what the watch will run or any sort of release date, this does at least confirm that the company is working on a watch.

Image Credit: HTC Source

Image Credit: HTC Source

You can see the video for yourself below, but we don’t expect it to stay there long.

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