LG G Watch And Samsung Gear Live Get TWRP Custom Recovery

Still got that silly warranty on your Android Wear device? Psh, time to get rid of that. Team Win has just posted the first custom recovery for both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. It’s clear that the interface isn’t quite optimized for the smaller screen, so if you’ve got bigger fingers, go grab a stylus (something I never though I’d say about a watch).

This custom recovery performs many of the functions you’re used to if you’ve seen TWRP for your Android smartphone. As always this is going to void your warranty and can cause damage to your device if you’re not careful. Make sure to follow all instructions if you choose to flash these.

TWRP For LG G Watch

TWRP For Samsung Gear Live

Below is a video we recommend on how to install this recovery.

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