For a very long time now we’ve heard rumors of an HTC One M8 variant packing Windows Phone 8.1. However after a few months without them, the rumors are popping back up again. We’ve already heard that HTC is currently testing the device in house and now there are claims being made that the device will hit everyone’s favorite carrier, (/s) Verizon on August 21st.

The device is expected to be launched under the name “One M8 For Windows” and will basically be an exact copy of it’s Android brother. It will include the Duo cameras and the BoomSound speakers along with the metal build. Windows Phone 8.1 will be installed out of the box possibly with Update 1 already installed.

It’s possible Verizon could carry an exclusive with this device, but that’s unknown. Considering though that the Nokia Lumia Icon (930) is a exclusive to Verizon here in the States, I don’t think it would be that far off.

Via: The Verge