Android Has 85% Of Global Smartphone Market – European Commission Prepares Monopoly Investigation

Thanks to it’s free and open source nature, Android has really grown. Passing Apple’s iOS a long time ago, and leaving other operating systems in the dust, Google’s vision of the mobile operating system really has not slowed down much at all. Android has now reached it’s highest point ever at 84.6% of global smartphone market share. Shipping nearly 249.6 million units powers past all the competition. It’s closest competition, Apple’s iOS, shipped only 35.2 million units.

While all those numbers are exciting to Android enthusiasts, they aren’t quite so much fun to the governments. According to a report from Reuters, the European Commission is getting ready to launch a formal investigation to decide if Google is trying to use that market position to enlarge their other interests including Google Search, the Google Play Store, and more.

That investigation is reportedly asking Android OEMs what Google is asking them to do when using Android and Google Services. That includes whether or not those companies are being asked by Google to not load apps on their devices and software builds that compete with Google’s own features and services. They are trying to answer if Google is unfairly blocking other companies that are attempting to reach Android users. 

Via: Android Police

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