For quite a while now, the Oculus Rift has been in development and developer kits have been made available to those wanting to experience the next generation of gaming first hand. Recently Oculus, now owned by Facebook, released the second version of that developer kit. Of course, the guys at iFixIt just had to tear one down, and it’s pretty interesting what is found inside.

We knew that the Oculus Rift had a 1080p panel inside provided by Samsung, but everyone just assumed that Samsung was making panels specifically for Oculus. But nope, instead in the teardown of the second dev kit was found a front panel for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. No I’m not kidding.

At a glance, you’d assume that the panel is unique to the Oculus, but removing the rubber shell reveals a full front panel from the Galaxy Note 3, logos, front button cutouts and all. While the 5.7″ inch 1080p panel is the perfect fit for the Oculus Rift, it’s still pretty hilarious that the front of the Galaxy Note 3 is bringing the next generation of gaming.

Via: iFixIt