HTC has introduced plenty of great features on their HTC One line. Now in a new move, HTC is hoping to give users an idea of what an HTC device is like by letting them use their apps. The first of these is expected to be Zoe. Zoe is a photo/video editing app that allows you to select up to 16 images and video clips into a video which you can share with friends. Right now, that’s where it stands. But HTC wants it to be more. They want it to become a platform similar to Vine and Instagram.

HTC is also expected to release some of their other unique apps like their awesome gallery and even Blinkfeed for everyone. Recode is reporting that Zoe might be hitting other devices as soon as this week. The only conditions are that you’ll need to be on a newer, high-end device (LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, etc) and that the app will be in beta with limited functionality.

Source: Recode