The Creator Of Flappy Bird Is Back With Another Game – Prepare To Smash Your Screen

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for your inevitable broken device if you download this game…

We all remember the fun we had with Flappy Bird. The infamous mobile game that caught the world’s attention for it’s 15 minutes of fame, and then was quickly killed off. Developer Dong Nguyen took the game down early this year after he “couldn’t take it anymore”. Now a few months later, he’s back with an even harder game. 

Based on the same concept as Flappy Bird, Swing Copters requires you to avoid obstacles trying to move through as many openings as possible without hitting anything. This time though, the tables are turned with your character moving upwards with a helicopter hat. (Seriously, I couldn’t come up with this stuff if I tried…) Trying to move past opening in metal bars, you need to tap to change your direction while also avoiding the hammers constantly going back and forth to cause you to lose your winning streak.

But that’s enough trying to explain. Try out Swing Copters for yourself now. It’s available for free on Google Play and iOS. Fair warning given, you will get addicted. My high score is 1, can you beat it?

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