T-Mobile Offering Unlimited LTE For One Year To Anyone Who “Rescues” A Friend From Another Carrier

T-Mobile’s aggressive strategy is pleasing to customers, but devastating to carriers. That’s primarily against Sprint, which T-Mobile is directly targeting with their latest campaign. Today the Uncarrier announced that current T-Mobile customers would have the option to give their Sprint (and other carriers) friends a lifeline.

T-Mobile is offering unlimited LTE free for one year to anyone on T-Mobile who refers their friends to the network. To add on to that, the person who signs up also gets unlimited LTE for their first year. If you already have unlimited LTE on T-Mobile, you’ll get a $10 monthly credit for referring a friend. Of course all this comes only for a year, but really, I can’t see a downside to this.

Note: This promotion starts on August 29th and applies to anyone referred from any other carrier. Any successful referral will be reflected with in 30 days.

Source: T-Mobile

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