LG G3 To Be The First LG Smartphone To Sell 10 Million Units

The LG G3 has gotten a lot of attention this year, and that is not slowing down at all. The company has seen great success from the phone, and almost everyone who has tried it loves it, myself included. Now that the phone is available worldwide for sale, projected sales numbers are coming in, and it’s very positive.

According to the Korea Times, the G3 will exceed 10 million units sold, the first phone the company has ever made to do so. LG hasn’t said when they expect the device to hit that milestone, but it can’t be far off. The G3 is selling well for numerous reasons, and one of them is likely it’s Quad-HD display. Do you have the G3? Are you looking to get one? Let us know in the comments, and check out our full LG G3 review if you haven’t already. 

Source: Korea Times

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